4 Best Ways to Avoid Burnout

3 min read 2022 Sep 29

Burnout. It’s something that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. But when burnout becomes your natural state of being – there’s a problem. […]

8 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Today

4 min read 2022 Sep 22

How do you stop doing something that, by its very nature, is prohibiting you from stopping doing things?  Welcome to Procrastination 101 – today, we’ll figure this tricky […]

Grow Your Self-Esteem Back Without Therapy

3 min read 2022 Sep 15

“Sometimes I feel so happy; sometimes I feel so sad” – ever had that feeling and couldn’t figure out why?  Contentment and peace of mind are probably what […]

Manage Your Stress the Healthy Way

4 min read 2022 Sep 12

Stress is inevitable.  Identifying the stressors in your life is the first step toward managing and eventually eliminating your stress. Luckily, Sensa helps you do just that! Let’s […]

How to Stay Focused at Work in a Distractive Environment

4 min read 2022 Sep 9

In a world full of notifications, flashy ads, and various other attention-grabbers, keeping focus laser-sharp is becoming more challenging than ever. While concentration is one of the critical […]

How Rebecca Got Her Self-Esteem Back Without Spending Big on Therapy

3 min read 2022 Aug 29

You know the feeling – you’re feeling good about yourself for a brief moment, and then boom.  Straight back down to Earth. It doesn’t have to be that […]

How I Completely Revitalized My Sleep Patterns

4 min read 2022 Aug 29

Sleep is a big deal.  I wouldn’t wish the kind of insomnia I had on anybody. My name is Olivia. I’m a 30-year-old graphic designer. And I was […]

Your Body Knows You’re Suffering From Burnout: Learn How to Fight It

8 min read 2022 Aug 24

When every day feels like a bad day, painstakingly high exhaustion levels are too familiar, and you just don’t have any more energy to give, there’s no doubt […]

Beating Procrastination Without Breaking the Bank

4 min read 2022 Aug 8

What comes to mind when you think about your commitments?  Do you wonder if you’ll have the energy to complete them? Are you stressed about the time constraints?  […]

How to Take Back Control of Your ADHD Without Therapy

2 min read 2022 Jul 13

One of the most complex parts of dealing with ADHD is understanding and acting on some aspects of yourself that you want to work on. Today we’ll look […]

Being Unable to Sleep Led Ellen to the Brink of Insanity – But the Solution Was Under Her Nose All Along

4 min read 2022 Apr 25

Sometimes, the problems we find ourselves facing are those of our own making.  That was the case for Ellen, a 31-year-old writer from Akron, Ohio. “Everything was running […]

How a Lack of Concentration Became a Source of Inspiration

5 min read 2022 Apr 15

“There’s no way I will be one of the crazy ones,” I told myself. Self-doubt had certainly taken hold by that point, but surely I wasn’t completely hopeless.  […]

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