ADHD May Go Undiagnosed – But How Can It Affect a Person’s Overall Mental Health?

3 min read 2022 Apr 15

There’s a misconception that the more severe the mental health condition is, the more it affects a person. It’s not strictly the case.  Sure, some things are more […]

How I Got My Life Back on Track After I Burned Out at My Dream Job

8 min read 2022 Apr 15

“And one more thing, I would like this meeting to count as my two-week notice,” – I muttered as I was finishing my weekly presentation. At 35 years […]

How To Set Boundaries To Avoid Burnout

4 min read 2022 Apr 15

Burnout is a harsh reality for millions of Americans – especially in the age of remote working. In a survey by Indeed1, over 52% of respondents experienced burnout […]

How Lindsay Rebounded From Depression by Overcoming Her Life-Long Procrastination

5 min read 2022 Apr 11

Discover the secrets behind her happy and plentiful life. At the age of 34, Lindsay has come a long way to feeling a tremendous sense of relief after […]

How I Overcame My Life-Long Procrastination

4 min read 2022 Mar 30

Therapy and medication left her frustrated and feeling hopeless.  Lucy, 34, finally discovered the key to overcoming procrastination, being productive, and living a fulfilling life. Today, she shares […]

How to Get Rid of Self-Judgment

2 min read 2021 Dec 23

Self-judgment is only natural, and there’s no way for us to become more well-rounded without taking some time to examine our thoughts and actions and to look for […]

Tips to Start Your Day Calmly

1 min read 2021 Dec 23

One way to help increase the odds of having a good day is to start your day out calmly, which can sometimes be easier said than done. We […]

Journaling Techniques That Might Surprise You

2 min read 2021 Dec 23

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about journaling in our recent posts, and with good reason. When practiced regularly, it can be hugely beneficial to your mental […]

Different Ways to Practice Self-Care

2 min read 2021 Dec 23

We’ve all heard the term “self-care,” and most of us agree that it’s a good idea for us to practice it. The bigger problem is actually making the […]

The Power of Writing About Your Feelings

1 min read 2021 Dec 23

Writing about your feelings can be your secret weapon in the fight against a mental health condition. It has myriad advantages, starting with the fact that it helps […]

17 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

1 min read 2021 Dec 23

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life. In fact, it’s as important as eating, drinking, and breathing, having a big impact on our health […]

Three Journaling Techniques for Better Mental Health

2 min read 2021 Dec 23

Journaling can be your best friend if you’re struggling to live with a mental health condition. It has several important benefits, including helping you better manage your stress, […]

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